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At Adelaide Pentecostal Fellowship, we offer a variety of services that are catered to suit your needs. Our Church is open on Sundays: 9 AM  - 11.45 AM and available for you and your entire family. We have service options that are age-appropriate and are suitable for everyone. Take a look at our schedule, and don’t miss out on our next session.


Worship sessions are held on every Sunday from 9 AM to 11 AM. These worship sessions are in Malayalam. During these worship sessions we have the choir leading & singing for the worship, a short exhortation from Psalms, Songs & Memory Verse recital by Sunday School kids, testimonies, offerings and main message from the Word of God.
We have dedicated and talented male & female singers and young musicians playing instruments in the church choir who lead the singing & worship session in the Church on Sundays.
Lords Supper is conducted every first Sunday under Pastors guidance where adult members who have taken water baptism shares from The Lords Table.



Cottage Meetings are held on every Tuesday from 7 to 8.30 PM in the church member residences. Meetings includes singing, worship, intercessory prayers, messages etc .



Fasting Prayer is held 3 days on the last Sunday, Monday & Tuesday of every month. Fasting Prayer starts as Sunday worship in the Church followed by 2 days prayers held in the Church members residence from 7 PM to 8.30 PM. The prayer concludes with dinner on Tuesday night.



Sunday School is held in the Church premises on Sundays from 11AM to 12 noon. The Head Master and Teachers co-ordinate the Sunday School. The classes are divided according to kids age. We have kids from 3 years studying in our Sunday school.  We are following Sunday school books from IPC Kumbanad. We have singing, praying and Sunday Scho ol bible lessons according to their ages and classes.



Kids worship is held every alternate month 2nd Sunday where the kids sing and worship in English and a short message is given for the kids in English.

kids worship1.jpg


Youth Meeting is held once in every 2 months on 3rd Sunday. During this meeting the kids, youths and adults perform various programmes like singing, short message, special program, Bible quiz, quick Bible reference etc., for the glorification of God.



Ladies meeting is held every month on 2nd Friday or Saturday in church members residence from 10 am to 12 noon. During the meeting the sisters come together to sing & praise God, intercessory prayer, discussion time/Bible quiz and a short message, followed by lunch.

The ladies / sisters in the church have chain prayer once in a month every 2nd Thursday. They all take turns and pray for an hour each from 9 am to 9 pm as a chain for church, church members, Australia, India, missionary work, for the sick & needy etc.



Convention is held once in a year where great Bible teachers teach & exhort from Gods word where the public & members of other churches are invited to come & be blessed



VBS/Kids Retreat is held once a year during school holidays for 2 to 3 days. VBS is conducted based on a Biblical theme selected and decided by the responsible authorities and Sunday School Team. For VBS, kids from all walks of life are invited to come & learn about our Lord Jesus Christ and to experience His great love. They are taught choruses, action songs, skits, stories etc as a group and lessons are taught according to their ages and classes. Various activities are planned by the Sunday School teaching team for the participants spiritual nourishment and happiness.



Camp is held  once in two year where all the church members go and stay together at a camp site for a few days. Here we get to know each other better. We also have singing, Bible studies, Bible quiz, special program etc…
APF outing is planned once in a year. Church mates enjoy a day out together .



We conduct sports for kids and adults once a year. We go out for a day together as a church and have sports and games for all age groups.



We have our yearly anniversary every July/August .During APF Anniversary, the Sunday School ladies & youth meeting reports for the year is read. Prizes are distributed to the winners of Sunday School exams and other programmes. We also have programmes put up by the Sunday School kids, youth & ladies groups.

church anniv.jpg


Special gatherings are done whenever there is a need  or encouragement to come together as a church and pray for special reasons or occasions. Every 31st of December night, a watch night service is held where the members come together at church and join in Thanks giving and prayer.


Want to join Adelaide Pentecostal Fellowship for a service or prayer group this week? Contact us today and see what we have lined up.

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